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One of the biggest challenges facing every music instructor and studio owner is providing creative learning opportunities for students. We’re so busy teaching necessary skills that we miss creative teachable moments. Upon reflection, we discover that our lessons have become routine and tedious. And our students tend to reflect that routine in their approach to lesson attendance and practice habits.

 What would happen if you shook things up a bit? Instead of the repetitive worksheets, what would occur if you played a creative game with your students to reinforce the very same skills that the worksheet covered? So often, we avoid games and activities because of the amount of outside preparation time.

Masterpiece Music discovered musical dice as a solution to the boredom in the studio. With a mere roll of the dice, students are immediately engaged in the process of reviewing skills and beating the odds. There’s something inherently challenging and fun in the game of “chance.”

Minimal preparation time, minimal storage space required, color and durability make our products very useful in the classroom and studios. Grabbing a fistful of multicolored dice, students roll their way to skill mastery and musical success in an innovative, creative fashion.


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