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Wild West Day

carol ivkovich

In May, I hatched the idea to give all of my students a set of "Wild West" practice cards. The cards were tailor made for each student with various skills lasted on each card. The idea was that students would review these skills over the summer and we'd have an end of summer "Wild West Day/Party."

Aren't these the cutest cards?? I loved the art work!

This past Friday was our Wild West Day. Out of 28 students, 16 were able to attend. Not bad for an end of summer activity. The cowboys and cowgirls arrived in droves. Driven by their ranch owner, they came appropriately dressed for Wild West activities. I do believe it was the coolest day of the summer, so all the water activities that I had planned went right on out the window.

These are some pretty handsome looking characters.

Our day included Pig Poppin'. Each student was given a pink balloon to blow up. Then they had to draw a pig face on the balloon and the number of beats to reflect their age. After completing that task, students let their pigs loose. Quickly they had to round up the pigs and pop their "pig balloon." They loved the noise!

After we popped our pigs, we moved onto gathering all the eggs. The chickens had escaped from their coop, so we needed to round them up. These eggs were special --they had various rhythm values on the. Students gathered eggs and then arranged them into measures.

From there, we advanced to "cow tipping"-where we arranged boxes that looked like Holstein cows with the subdivisions of a whole note on them. (whole note, 2 half notes, 4 quarters, etc.) Then students got to bomb them with the chicken eggs..aka cow tipping!

"Cow Tipping"..building a "holstein wall" of the rhythmic subdivisions of a whole note and then bombing it with the chicken eggs.  Loved by the boys!

We had sack races...students had to clap a rhythm pattern and then race to the end of the course in a burlap sack.  The students also reviewed symbols by tossing ping pong balls into various jars and then tossing rings around milk jugs.

Horse races on pool noodles..gathering the musical alphabet flags scattered throughout the yard.

Overall, our day was a great success! We culminated our time together by having Cowboy Snacks...Cowpies (no-bake cookies and oreos), Horse feed (popcorn), apple slices, and Goldfish from the Gold Rush.

While this day was tiring and took a great deal of prep, we had so much fun. Memories were made and students discovered that music can be fun. A win for all involved!

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