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What's included in Jedi Journey Camp Curriculum?

carol ivkovich

Pre-sales of the Jedi Journey Camp Curriculum begins today, February 14. Are you wondering what's included in this curriculum?

Jedi Journey includes:

  • Poster template (which you can fill in with your own information)

  •  Similar postcard invitation (as a template so you can again input your own information).
  • 100+ pages of games/activities/suggestions and graphics for games. 

Games/Activities include:

  • "Choose Your Destiny" aka Jeopardy Game and templates so you can create your own Jeopardy questions


  • Jedi Brag Tags (Both filled in brag tags with such expressions as: "I love piano!", "Note Name Wizard" "Sight Reading Samurai," "Key Signature Guru", "Theory Star," "Vocabulary Virtuoso" plus others. Blank brag tags are included as a template so that you can create your own.)


  • Signs for an Imperial Listening Skills Activity:

  • Flags for Ride the Shooting Star Game

  • Graduation Certificate from Jedi Journey 
  • Jedi Task Sheets for all levels of Jedi Training: (Youngling, Palawan, Knight and Master) Suggested ideas of activities given on several sheets and curriculum includes blank sheets for your use.

And so much more!  Early Bird Sale of Jedi Journey is $50 between now and Feb. 27. On February 28, the cost will be $70. 

Grab your kit during this pre-sale time. It's been a labor of love. Directions for all games and activities are included as well as a list of resources and links to those resources for best prices.


Join the Fun! 

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