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Task Cards

carol ivkovich

How many of you follow blogs of elementary school teachers? I've found this to be one of the best ways to discover new ideas and activities  that I can tweak to fit my studio. (Sh-hh! Don't tell these teachers that we're reading their blogs. :-))

Several months ago, I stumbled upon a discussion regarding "task cards."  I had never heard of this beast, so I thought it was worth exploring. Elementary school teachers use task cards as an extra activity for the student who finishes an assignment early. They are 1/4 page activities that can be completed in a few minutes.  And then just like the Grinch who stole Christmas..."Yahoo--Doray."..  I figured out how to utilize task cards to my benefit.

These little tasks are perfect for the student who arrives 5 minutes early to lessons...or to the student who is 5 minutes late being picked up. They are a quick way to review skills or reinforce a new concept without overwhelming the student by asking him/her to fill out a complete worksheet page.

My task cards look like this:



I have task cards for note names, labeling the black keys, writing 5 finger patterns and labeling the whole/half steps, drawing key signatures and adding measure lines. The set comes with blank task cards so that you can also design your own cards. Several of cards feature Star Wars Clipart. (Has anyone told you that Star Wars anything makes  music assignments much more interesting for young boys)?

How do I store these handy dandy little slips of paper? That's a fantastic question! I discovered hidden treasure in the scrapbooking aisle of our local craft store. 

These photo boxes are the perfect size for task cards! This is a box that holds 8 individual photo/task card cases. Easy enough to see what's inside each box and quickly pull a card out in time of need.  I purchased my plastic cases from Hobby Lobby but you can also get them at Amazon.

I'm pretty sure you can purchase these from any craft store in your area.

Hop on over to my page and click on Freebies. There's a link to a free task card file. I'll send you a vocabulary task card for beginning level students. This will get you started!  There are more task cards available for purchase on the website.



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