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carol ivkovich

I just received this wonderful review of Masterpiece Music today. I had to share it with all of you!

"I'm not usually the kind who would purchase anything online. I simply prefer to see the product before getting it. 
However, after looking all over in stores, I realized I could not find anything comparable to the selection and quality of products at Masterpiece music. 

By the time I decided I needed the dice, it was less than a week to my summer camps. But Carol made the entire process an incredible ease!
She is by far the most service oriented stranger I have 'met'! She truly embodies the warmth of a fellow piano teacher wanting to help out another - completely understanding all my needs and going out of her way to meet them!

She answered every email I sent right away it seemed and even though it was the July 4th holiday - got my package out as soon as she could - and it arrived two days before I thought it possibly could!

It has been such an incredible and unexpected delight to work with Carol from Masterpiece Music. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them again! "

  Mae Morton, Texas



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