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New Music--Miyabi

carol ivkovich

I'll let you in on a secret...I've been on search  for some new music for my studio. I love finding pieces and /or collections that are less familiar to my students. 
I think I've discovered gold for this year!

Somehow, and I'm not even sure how, I stumbled upon the book...Miyabi..5 Japanese Impressions for Piano Solo by Naoka Ikedo. I'm definitely in love with this book.

Miyabi is a set of 5 early intermediate pieces are inspired by the beauty of flowers that bloom in Japan from spring to early summer.  They also draw from traditional Japanese modes and sounds along with more modern harmonies. (taken from publisher's comments)

The pieces don't have many accidentals or difficult rhythms. There is the dotted quarter note followed by 2 sixteenths in 1 piece. Some use of pedal is required in the majority of pieces. Students will enjoy the exploration of modes.

I think my students are going to love studying these pieces! It's definitely a resource you should include in your library.

Published by Willis Music Company/Hal Leonard.







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