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Must Read for 2018

carol ivkovich

Happy New Year! 

How many of you have been busy reading blogs and writing resolutions? I wonder if you ever feel like I do--slightly overwhelmed by all the great suggestions? Sometimes I just give up. 

It's not that I don't create resolutions. I do. My problem is that my resolutions are often large scale. For example:  "Clean the studio, inventory all the music books, play through every supplemental book, sort the games/activities files and bake 20 kinds of cookies while I'm at it."  Somehow, reality got lost in that shuffle.

The week before Christmas found me doing exactly that. Reading blogs and generating all kinds of lofty goals for 2018 (which would of course by accomplished by January 15, 2018!) And then in one rather obscure blog, I encountered a term that I had never heard before. "Kaizen."

Anyone familiar with this term and philosophy? I'll forever be a homeschool mom because I immediately looked this term up.  Kaizen refers to continuous improvement. Hum...what could this mean for me?  As I researched the philosophy of kaizen, I stumbled across  the book One Small Step Can Change Your Life  by Robert Maurer. This book  is a MUST READ.


 Maurer's  book changed my approach to  tasks and goals. The premise is that we often create goals that are too big. Instead of frustrating myself by setting a lofty goal of playing through every supplemental teaching book that I own in one sitting, I could decide to play through 1 book at a time. Granted, it may take longer to accomplish the goal, but my sanity might remain in tact. Implied in the philosophy of kaizen, is that small steps can change the trajectory of our goals and lives.  

I've spent the last week trying to implement these ideas. Instead of waiting for big chunks of time to tackle large scale goals, I'm seeking to utilize the time I have to take small steps toward the bigger goals.

As you ponder the new year and your resolutions, I'd like to suggest that you read Maurer's book. It just might make all the difference in your approach to goal management this year.


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