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Harry's Music Flash Cards

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For the last few weeks, I've been working on creating flashcards in a Harry Potter style. I have students who LOVE Harry Potter. I thought flashcards that are patterned after Harry Potter things would appeal to these kids. 

It was such a great idea and I naively thought I could whip off a set of flashcards in about 2 hours. Epic fail on my part! I now have a great appreciation for those folks who design music flashcards. It looks so easy and is so very challenging. 20 hours later, I have a set of flashcards completed.  My graphic design skills have improved dramatically from this endeavor!


These cards range from low C to high C. The size of the cards is patterned after Wendy Steven's idea ( -- cards that can fit in the keys so that students actually place the card on the keyboard after they identify the note. This helps tremendously with keyboard geography.

I've included several blank staff/cards for your own personal use. I suggest that you print these cards on card stock and laminate for long term usage. 

The file is a bit more expensive than my other products. Quite simply, the amount of time and graphic design necessitates this price. However, once you've purchased the file, you can make numerous sets of cards for your students' use.

Now if only I could figure out how to make brooms fly....I'd have it made! Enjoy :-)

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