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Great Reads in Your Studio

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I am a big fan of quality literature for children. In my studio, I keep a stash of books handy for students to read while waiting for their lesson. I also let students borrow my books (depending upon the family). One thing I desire is for my students to see that music is not it's own entity. It can be found all throughout life and in various other subjects.

Several years ago, I discovered the delightful series of "Henry the Steinway" by Sally Coveleskie and Peter Goodrich. Illustrated by Laura Friedman.

This series tells the tale of Henry the Steinway, who travels the world with 2 little girls, Ana and Lily, along with some piano friends and Ana's father.  The book has numerous beautiful pictures and captures perfectly the amount of practice and concentration needed to succeed on an instrument. Henry the Steinway also demonstrates to students how music can take them on a journey they never anticipated.


There are 3 books in the current Henry the Steinway series:

Henry the Steinway: A Star is Born

Henry the Steinway and the Piano Recital

Henry the Steinway Tours the World. 

I highly recommend this wonderful read for your studio!

They can be purchased from Amazon.

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